Karina Wright

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 242 lbs.
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Brown
Age range: 49-65
321-234-8102 (Florida)
347-815-6006 (New York)

Seeking Closure     Woman w/dog     Inner Glo Pictures
The Shoe Homeless Woman     Crimson Chain Productions
Sycamore Psychic     Moother Goose Productions
Don't Talk to Me The Villain     Crimson Chain Productions
Constellation Energy Maggie     Cable (National)
Theatre (acting)
Footloose Lulu     Other Voices
Midsummer Night's Dream Snout/Wall     Maryland Ensemble Theatre
Something Brilliant Will Come to Us Maggie     Maryland Ensemble Theatre
Bye Bye Birdie Ensemble     Smithereens
NCR Critical Care Exercise Unconscious Victim     CHHS
Specials Skills
animal handling, very good screamer, ensemble singing, horseback riding, knitting, crochet, character voices
Background work (just to show I know how to behave on set)
State of Play, New Year's Eve, Game Change, House of Cards, VEEP, various industrials